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Discover, catalogue, and access the data you hold to help manage DSAR’s

DDAM helps you to…

Manage data subject rights requests

The data subject rights management function enables you to log and manage the data subject rights
requests received by your organisation. Automate the process of responding to Data Subject Access
Rights (DSAR) requests, rights to erasure requests, right to rectification requests, etc. by running
queries to identify matches for the data subject wherever they appear across your Data Inventory.

Identify privacy risk within your data

The data mining capability enables you to automatically identify the incidence and volumes of
personal and sensitive data located within your data – across both structured and unstructured data

Satisfy the requirement for documenting data processing activity

The Data Inventory enables you to fulfil your organisation’s obligation to document your data
processing activities in line with the GDPR.

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Get an ‘at a glance’ view of your entire data landscape, combining structured, semi structured and unstructured information sources

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Streamline compliance processes including risk identification and management, data minimization and data retention

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System automation helps you maintain ongoing compliance post May 25th

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A single, consolidated view of your data allows you to run queries and reports across your entire data estate enabling you to automate the processing of responding to DSARs

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Log Data Subject Rights Requests

Use the DSAR portal to log data subject rights requests as they are received by the organisation.

Manage Data Subject Rights Requests

Keep track of the requests that you have received to ensure that they are dealt with in a timely way. Validate requests against the supporting identification documentation provided and either accept them for automated processing, or reject them with a recorded reason for rejection

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Output Data Subject Rights Reports

When a request is processed, the solution automatically searches across all of the data sources that you have registered within the Data Inventory and delivers a report containing a list of all the documents / records where a match for the data subject has been made. This report helps significantly reduce the amount of effort to produce a response to a subject rights request.

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