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From the Outback to Analytics and What 2014 Has in Store

Friday 17 January 2014

Next month sees my one year anniversary at Connexica, before starting at Connexica I knew nothing about Business Analytics and literally lived Outback. The word business Analytics hadn’t even crossed my path let alone did I know what Business Analytics was, my life was filled with days out on the range, cooking around a campfire and wearing check shirts, Stetsons and cowboy boots!

Somewhat different to my current life which is now filled with marketing and Business Analytics, I spend most days discussing buzz words and making Business Analytics relatable to the masses. When I first started out in the geek infested world of IT I found it somewhat elitist and everything I ever read or ‘google’ came back with result written in foreign languages which to the average Joe made as much sense as if I spoke about cattle mustering, weeners, heffers or mickey bulls!

Over the last year I have seen a change in the marketing and sales language used within the industry with the ‘foreign’ language being changed to a much more friendlier and ‘normal’ style. Don’t get me wrong you do still see the odd word thrown in there but on the whole products and their language are much more in line with their customer base. A Business Analytics solution needs to be understood stood by its new target audience not the traditional data scientist.

I have come up with what I predict to be the BA trends of 2014!

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