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Fraud Detection

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Identify cases of fraud in data

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Integrate outcome reporting

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Improve data quality

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Cost savings

CXFIRE (the Connexica Fraud Investigation & Reporting Engine) is a packaged solution designed to enable local authorities and partner organisations to identify specific cases of fraud through discrepancies found in multiple joined-up data sets.

The unique search technology underpinning the solution empowers local authorities and partner organisations to leverage the wealth of data available by integrating disparate data sources into a single searchable solution. Complex matching algorithms are processed against the unified data to identify potential cases of fraud for investigation. This is combined with leading-edge security controls to ensure data integrity is never breached.

The solution and overall training package is designed to enable users to create their own matches and reports following initial implementation to extend the core solution based on their specific requirements.

The Kent Intelligence Network required a flexible tool that had both strict information governance controls, data matching capability and reporting for outcomes. We are pleased and excited with the resulting solution and other members of the network have begun to use CXAIR for their other internal projects.

Paul Rock, Counter Fraud Manager, The Kent Intelligence Network (KIN)

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