CXfinance: Insight

A deep understanding of the specific needs of your customers, and the ability to quickly respond to those needs by delivering tailored products and services, is key to remaining relevant as a small to medium sized organisation in todays’ Finance industry.

In an increasingly competitive market, organisations are realizing that the way to stay on the same wavelength as their customers is to unlock the insights that are available within the vast quantities of data that they routinely collect

CXFINANCE-Insight delivers a sophisticated data modelling capability based on a joined-up view of the data you hold within your organisation. Models created within the solution highlight relationships between different entities within the data (such as your customers and your products) and enables you to test different “what if” scenarios to better understand what the impact of making different decisions is likely to have on the relationships between those entities.

Perhaps you want to test the likely take-up rate by customers in the 30-40-year-old age group of a new online banking app, or how many new customers the business is likely to add if it increased the interest rate of a savings product by 0.1%, and how many is it likely to lose if it reduced the rate by 0.1%.

Analyses based on the models available within CXFINANCE-Insight allow you to drive your business decision-making process off a validated evidence base rather than guesswork or ‘gut instinct’.

  • Test the impact of key decisions before you make them
  • Improve customer retention rates and develop products and services to appeal to new customers
  • Manage costs by validating decision making before investing
  • Stay ahead of the competition by evolving your current analytics offerings to introduce next-generation ‘prescriptive’ analytics into your organisation’s decision-making toolkit
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing statistical languages (like R and Weka) to leverage existing investments in statistical modelling packages where appropriate

Take your analytics capability into new territory and generate the evidence that will help your organisation to excel using CXFINANCE-Insight.

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