CXAIR for finance: GDPR

Although financial services organisations are used to dealing with regulation, the recent introduction of the GDPR data protection legislation adds additional responsibilities that you need to manage on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance.

Maintaining compliance with the GDPR without expending a large amount of additional resource can prove particularly challenging for financial services organisations where historically large amounts of data has been kept for significant periods of time and even high-risk data has moved freely around the business.

Your data strategy needs to ensure that you get to grips with these issues by understanding exactly where and in what quantities you are storing private data and making sure that you have it under control, and that you can deal with the ongoing overhead of responding to the anticipated increase in data subject rights requests in a timely yet efficient way.

CXFINANCE-GDPR helps you to, satisfy the requirement for documenting your data processing activities, identify the incidence and volume of personal and sensitive data located within your systems and file stores, and quickly identify the location of all references to an individual wherever they occur within your data to make the process of responding to Data Subject Rights Requests (DSARs) straightforward.


  • Demonstrate compliance with key data management aspects of the GDPR legislation
  • Increase levels of customer trust
  • Satisfy the requirement for documenting data processing activity
  • Identify privacy risk within your data
  • Manage data subject rights requests
  • Works for both structured and unstructured data
  • Identify duplicate data / documents that you are holding to assist with data minimization

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Deliver GDPR assurance for your organisation without the effort with CXFINANCE-GDPR.

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