CXAIR for Finance: Collaborate

For smaller sized financial institutions, the resources required to establish an in-house analytics capability has presented a challenge.

This has resulted in analytics either not being given the focus that it should or being limited to a minimal capability that is often outsourced to a third-party organisation. The time has come for these organisations to take control and begin to leverage the value that is present in the large volumes of data that they collect on behalf of their customers.

CXAIR for Finance: Collaborate enables organisations to pool their data and resources within a common analytics environment where like-minded organisations with similar goals can collectively deliver analyses safe in the knowledge that the security and integrity of their data is assured.

Being able to integrate an analytics tool that can draw on various data sources and automatically produce reports in minutes is exactly what we needed.

Stephen Boulton ,
Head of IT & Admin Services ,
Leek Building Society

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  • Develop essential in-house analytics capabilities in an affordable way
  • Reduce reliance on outsourced analytics and take back control
  • Unlock the potential of your data to deliver business insight leading to better decision-making
  • Access benchmarking and comparative analyses which present a cross-organisational view of collaborating institutions
  • Improve data quality
  • Data is held within environment protected by robust industry standard security rules
  • Quick and easy deployment

Don’t get left behind in the data revolution – unlock the power of analytics with CXAIR for Finance: Collaborate

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