CXAIR for Finance: Archive

A key part of the regulatory framework within which financial services organisations operate are the requirements around data archiving.

A significant proportion of the vast amount of data that flows through a typical organisation must by law be preserved within an archive. In some cases, this data needs to be easily accessible for querying. The challenge is how to maintain this data in a way that does not impact on the operational systems from which it is derived whilst still being able to interrogate the data to answer ad-hoc questions as and when they arise.

The CXAIR for Finance: Archive solution ensures that where electronic data that is no longer required as part of a live record but needs to be preserved can be added to a secure archive in a way that entirely separates it from the original system of record.

Data held in CXAIR can be accessed for ad-hoc interrogation through the simple-to-use query interface. All data that is added to CXAIR is automatically joined together into a single data view such that querying can be performed across multiple data sources. Where necessary more sophisticated reporting and analyses can be constructed on the archive.

Now we have a good platform to service the needs of the bank that is scalable.

Sinead Okosi ,
Data and Reporting Change Manager ,
Hampshire Trust Bank

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  • Archive all data types including social media, instant messaging, email, documents, operational systems
  • Stored separately to the source, so no impact on performance of original systems
  • Query across a single-view of all data sources included within the archive
  • Ensure data subject access rights requests can be processed in a way that includes all relevant information
  • Implements industry strength security controls including role-based access to the archive
  • Data can be stored in encrypted format as required
  • Cost effective solution
  • Quick and easy deployment

Meet your archiving obligations whilst ensuring that historical data is still readily accessible with CXAIR for Finance: Archive

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