Make digital transformation a reality and become a data-orientated organisation.

Take Control of your data

In a world where increased competition, an onerous regulatory environment, ever growing customer expectations, and lack of resources can make you feel like you are falling further and further behind the big boys, small and medium sized financial institutions need to make best use of all their assets to stay relevant and achieve success.

Specifically designed for Building Societies, Challenger Banks and Credit Unions, CXFINANCE helps you to stand out from the competition and thrive by enabling you to deliver compliance and innovation whilst controlling costs. Get to know your customers better and make more informed decisions by taking control of your data and leveraging the power that is locked away inside it without the need for significant upfront investments or time-consuming and resource-hungry IT initiatives.


Deliver a truly ‘self-service’ approach to reporting and analytics which puts the power back into the hands of your business users and delivers answers based on a single version of your data truth.
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Performance manage your organisation with real-time KPI tracking to ensure that it remains on course and hits its targets.
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Increase security and levels of customer trust by tackling cyber-crime, and help stem the increasing tide of fraudulent activity.
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Manage your business better and maximise revenue through insights which enable you to stay close to your customers.
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Automate the GDPR requirements for documenting your data processing activities, identify privacy risk within your data, and manage data subject rights requests.
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Share resources with like-minded organisations with similar goals to minimize the costs of delivering sophisticated analytics whilst benefitting from the power of collaboration.
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Retain archive data in a secure and accessible way that does not impact on operational systems.
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