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You can’t analyse data without knowing where it is

Preparing Data on CXAIR


Index and combine structured, semi-structured and unstructured data within one central information platform. Perform complex data transformations with simple self-service wizards.


Find and catalogue data across your whole organisation. Use natural language search to easily navigate through multiple concurrent data streams to find the information you need.

Query and filter on CXAIR

Reporting on CXAIR


Gain visibility on information you can trust. Use the joined-up view of holistic data siloes to drive pro-active data-driven decision making.


Build visual storyboards that flow through multiple layers of information. Drill from management summaries all the way through to transaction-level information.

Analysing Data with CXAIR

CXAIR Integrating Data


Centralise your organisation’s information repository. Augment your data with third party data sources and enable inter-organisational data sharing.


Understand your organisation’s data estate. Find out where your data comes from, who owns it, why you have it, who it’s about and what it means.

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