Tweet me Happy

Friday 3 June 2011

Although I have had a Twitter account for 9 months or more, I only really started to Tweet in April this year. The reason for this is that I saw it as the poor man’s Facebook and a quick fire gossip generator.

What value is there in a 140 character Tweet I asked myself?

If the numbers you get back off the Internet are even remotely close; 200 million Twitter accounts, 50 million Tweets a day, the answer is pretty clear.

There is a lot of value in a Tweet.

So what made me realise that there was more to Twitter than being an on-line tool for stalking celebrities?

The answer is easy. The answer was TweetDeck.

Now I’m sure there are other tools that do similar things to TweetDeck but this is the tool I downloaded to my laptop that made me see the power of Twitter.

A bit like watching the green characters and symbols flicker on the screen in the Matrix, TweetDeck finally allows me to see, sense and touch the social chatter that is clogging up our cyber airwaves.

The “almost” sale of TweetDeck to UberMedia for a cool $30 — $40 million followed by a bid from Twitter itself for an even cooler $40 — $50 million shows how valuable the world of Tweeting is.

Sure there is an element of the “dot-com boom” about some of the more recent social media acquisitions but it’s down to the reach of Twitter and the pull of the tools that are rising to the surface of a very crowded social intelligence application pool.

With a reported 5.5% of Tweets originating from Twitter equating to 27.5 million Tweets per day, I would imagine that this means there are a hell of a lot of people that are like me and have TweetDeck ticking along throughout the day.

It’s this coverage that is worth the money not the code, it’s the marketing and up-sell opportunities of having a captive Twitter audience that can be used to push highly targeted banner adds and drive sales.

It makes you wonder whether soon we’ll be hearing about someone bidding vast quantities of money for someone’s Twitter account because they have 50 million followers… having a captive market or direct access to so many people must have some value?

With Linkedin recently floating for £5.5 billion there’s a current clamor for a piece of the social networking pie.

So what is the value of a Tweet?

In February this year, I read that Twitter was valued at around $10 billion I make that just over $70 million per character and growing!


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