Top 10 Data Gadgets

Friday 1 August 2014

Being a technology company we are constantly on the lookout for the next big Tech trends and inventions.

Recently I came across a Slideshare by Big Data specialist and author (among other things) Bernard Marr, in which he listed the “21 Coolest ‘Internet of Things’ Gadgets you will want today”, after having a read through and being suitably impressed by some of the amazing sounding gadgets I decided to narrow them down to what I think are the Top Ten most interesting internet gadgets currently or soon to be available. Mother
Sensors known as motion cookies can be given to every family member so everyone knows where everyone else is. This may be useful for protective parents who want to know when the kids have arrived home, or where they are at all times. (Perhaps not as great for the kids!)

Delphi Connect vehicle diagnostics
This device plugs into any car with an On-board diagnostic 2 port and sends alerts and updates on its condition to the mobile app. The functionality includes remotely locking and unlocking doors, starting the engine and also setting “geofences” which send alerts if the car is driven across boundaries set by the owner, great for if you want to keep a tabs on anyone borrowing your car or in the unfortunate event that your car is stolen.

Wifi Scales
There are probably few people who class scales as one of their favourite gadgets however these particular ones recognise you as soon as you step onto them. As well as measuring weight and BMI, Wifi equipped scales sync data to smart phone apps which allows targets for weight loss/gain and monitors progress and they even keep you extra healthy by analysing the air quality that they have been placed in.

As someone who has the constant fear of missing luggage when travelling this gadget is quite a novelty. Trakdot aims to offer travellers peace of mind, by letting them track the location of their luggage. Patented technology switches off transmitters and receivers while they are in luggage hold when the bags are unloaded they automatically switch on and alert the owners to their whereabouts.

Jawbone Up Band
For those who suffer when sleep deprived this may be the perfect gift. The Jawbone Up Band is a wristband designed to track and record data about our lifestyles, to help make informed decisions on improving eat, sleep and move. Data is synced to smartphone and presented as visualisations. After syncing the data you can set a Smart alarm that wakes you up when it is best and calculates the ideal time for power napping.

SkyBell Wifi Doorbell
The epitome of modern technology this video doorbell lets you see and talk to whoever comes to your door, whether you are at home or not. The gadget allows you to see and hear anyone who comes to the door even if they don’t interact with the doorbell, by sending the information to a smartphone.

Ice cubes to control alcohol intake
An MIT researcher has created ice cubes that not only pulse colourfully in time to music but using an in built timer and accelerometer they can see how much and how quickly you are drinking. If they can tell you are drinking too much the cubes will turn red and can even be programmed to alert your friends as to when enough is enough and they need to take you home!

Smart Nappies
Another one for the parents, these nappies contain sensors that can send an alert to either a wristband or smart phone when they need changing. This project is a working progress however it has received media interest as it is thought this could be an invention for hospitals and care homes as well as parents. It has been suggested that ‘smart diapers’ will not only be able to alert you to the fact a baby needs changing but also provide a full analysis to check for signs of infection on a baby.

The iKettle is the ultimate lazy persons gadget (or anyone who has to force themselves off the sofa to make a cup of coffee) This device makes it possible to switch your kettle on remotely so that you have boiling water ready by the time you get to the kitchen. The app is able to sync with alarms and can be kept warm after it reaches boiling point if you are unable to use it straight away.

If you took a fancy to a few of these internet based gadgets then this final one may be the most useful! The ‘SmarThings’ software acts as the equivalent of a universal remote control for all your apps, allowing you to control everything using ONE app on your smartphone.

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