Taking Stock of 2011

Wednesday 30 November 2011

With the end of year rapidly approaching, I have decided to look back at a blog I did back in January where I was highlighting what things I’d be trying to do differently with a thought to what will be different again in 2012.

So here it is point by point…

I’m going to give up using Microsoft products. It’s time I gave some of the other software providers a go — I’m a bit tired of constant re-boots, security holes and crashes.

I did. I’ve been using a MacBook Air, I’ve owned an iPhone 4 and am now trying out a Samsung Galaxy.

Guess what?

I’ve decided I don’t like the Mac OS and will be back on Windows in week or two’s time. Better the devil you know at my age…

I’m going to reduce the amount of miles I do and do more over the Internet… more Web Ex and Go To Meeting sessions, more webinars…less driving, less airmiles better qualified opportunities.

Bit of a given here. The cost of fuel has made me trade in my petrol guzzler for a diesel and GoToMeeting and Skype are the most used apps on my machine.

A few trips to Dubai, Holland and Germany, so air miles down on last year…

I’m going to stop buying servers and hire more capacity on the cloud. Why worry about the maintenance of a rack of servers when I can get someone else to do it at a fraction of the cost?

We’re migrating our email and document sharing services to Google next week.

We had a catastrophic disk crash on a main server a couple of months back too so we are starting to move back office services to the Cloud as it’s not worth the hassle.

Tick in the box here.

I’m going to watch less telly and spend more time social networking — face booking, tweeting, linked-in — catch up with old friends and make some new business connections.

Not sure I’ve completely succeeded on the telly front, but I’ve tweeted out a couple of hundred times to any one who cares to follow me.

I’ve posted a dozen or so videos on YouTube which was fun if you like recording yourself creating dashboards and crosstabs using Jing.

I’ve doubled my Linkedin connections although compared to many of the people I’m “Linkedin” to, I look like “Billy no mates” with a mere 171 connections to my name so far…

I’m going to stop buying newspapers and books. I’ll start reading them on-line via my iPad and laptop. I’ll buy a kindle and see if I can still read the screen in the blazing sun on the beach.

I now read the Times on my phone and only take a paper at weekends but I’ve not yet stretched to a Kindle. I still find flicking through the pages of a book when I’m on holiday too satisfying for me to throw my books away.

Maybe next year?

I’m going to stop buying CD’s and download all my music from the Internet. I’ve no more room to store CD’s so I might as well store them on my iPhone or laptop.

I haven’t bought a CD all year and have bought what music I have bought via iTunes so another tick in the box…

I’m going to eat less, drink less and sleep more.

No, No and No…

Now to start thinking about 2012… I’m going to start it off by trying to win the lottery, anything else is academic.

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