Selected CXAIR Case Studies

Tuesday 3 February 2015

Selected CXAIR Case Studies from us and our Partners

We know the best way to demonstrate the benefits of CXAIR is through customer testimonials and independent case studies. Here is a short post exploring the different industries CXAIR has been used in, and the case studies that have been produced as a result.

Total Intelligence – Newbury Building Society

The most recent of our case studies comes from partner Total Intelligence and the recent implementation of CXAIR at Newbury Building Society.

“…once we had seen the MI View [CXAIR] demonstration and visited West Berkshire Council, a locally based existing customer of the software, we were very confident that MI View [CXAIR] could deliver what we needed. Since we implemented the application it has more than met our business requirements.”

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Total Intelligence – NHS Pathways

NHS Pathways and the National Directory of Service are helping to evolve the clinical accuracy of patient streaming and patient experience at the front end of unscheduled and urgent care in England. NHS Pathways needed a tool that was fast, efficient, cost effective and that allowed them to bring large volumes of data together, analyse and then publish it.

“MI [CXAIR] has offered us the capability to leverage the power of the data without the hugely complicated processes normally associated with aggregating data from different sources and in different formats. MI View [CXAIR] has enabled us to concentrate on driving real value from our data, not spending months writing extraction scripts and cleaning data.”

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Sirona – Using CXAIR for Community Care

Community Interest Company Sirona use business intelligence software to improve their services around learning disability and community services for patients and clients in South Gloucestershire.

“One of the biggest benefits is the availability of information to our community based staff. Previously they would have needed to travel back to base to look at the patient record. Now, thanks to new reporting and the new systems that we have put in place, they have access to that information in the field.”

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West Berkshire Council – Analysing and Enhancing Leisure Services

West Berkshire Council needed a cheap and efficient way to turn their many disparate data sources into actionable information at a quick speed, without being resource intensive.

“I needed something that could be implemented quickly without too much work for my team and a solution which gave the end user as much flexibility as possible in managing their own information requirements – CXAIR delivered”

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ResMed – Integrating with Dynamics NAV Business Analytics

The company had recently implemented a customised version of Microsoft’s ERP solution ‘Dynamics NAV’ in their German office and needed access to updated financial information reports without impacting the front-end ERP system. ResMed had tried other reporting tools previously that they found difficult to use, slow and required detailed knowledge of a schema.

“Being able to create snap shots of data has allowed us for the first time to have an accurate view of the performance of our internal processes and how this compares over time. We can analyse millions of records and get an overview of where documents are in the process in seconds.”

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Systemation – Wooncompagnie

Systemation are our partners in Holland and have been selling to a variety of sectors. Wooncompagnie combine data analytics with social housing, to provide good homes to people at a reasonable price.

“The software excelled in functionality and ease of use. The geographic visualization of figures based on Google Street View and Maps and flexibility of CXAIR spoke strongly. Thanks to CXAIR we spend less time collecting data and we can spend more time on the analysis thereof. Managers can click through from a KPI dashboard to the underlying information to see what’s going on.”

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CXAIR – Search-Based Business Analytics

CXAIR is a search-based business analytics solution designed to quickly and easily turn data contained in disparate systems across the organisation into actionable information from within a single application. By using CXAIR, users at any level of an organisation will gain immediate insight within their function or business area and be able to make informed decisions and take action to improve both the quality and performance of the services being provided.

In a dynamic health environment with many challenges and new requirements, CXAIR has been proven to help the NHS deliver improved services quickly, easily and at a reduced cost compared to other analytics solutions. In addition, ad hoc analysis requirements can be supported and quickly delivered alongside standardised reporting without requiring additional resource or diverting existing resource from value added analytics to support these requests.

CXAIR is designed to ensure that everyone is able to securely access information relevant to their role; delivered in a self-service format that works for them – including many advanced visualisation capabilities such as interactive Venn diagrams and geographical analytics using the familiar Google Maps interface.

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