Retiring the Heavy Weight Losers of BI

Tuesday 16 November 2010

Here are some thoughts following the Audley Harrison versus David Haye fight on Saturday…

So what or who am I talking about?

  • An entity that looks like a giant amongst men, but behaves like a numbskull with muscle between their ears.
  • An entity that talks–the–talk, but doesn’t walk–the–walk.
  • Something that is out of touch with reality and stands still while the world flashes by.
  • Something that is perceived as reliable, low risk, packs a punch, has a decent track record but hasn’t really done anything good for years.
  • An entity that flatters to deceive, that’s happy to take a pile of cash and deliver very little in return.
  • Something where when you peel away the promotional material, there’s just a washed out has–been dining out on memories and past achievements.
  • An entity that is full of excuses when things don’t go to plan.

Naming no names, some of the bigger boys in BI are ready to be put out to graze. Not saying we’re the David Haye of BI, but we know who the has–beens of this world are, and were trying our best to arrange a head to head and knock them off their perch…

So, some things to bear in mind when choosing a BI vendor…

  • Smaller and agile is sometimes better.
  • Just because something is smaller, doesn’t mean it packs any less of a punch.
  • When some of the bigger contenders try to take it the full distance, some vendors like to get the job done and get things finished quicker.

Remember, speed and power will always win the day. Size doesn’t always matter! 

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