New Years Resolutions

Monday 10 January 2011

So it’s that time of year again. Time to come up with some things to give up and some things to strive for in the New Year.

I’ve over indulged at Christmas and need to make sure I’m lean mean and raring to go for a busy and hopefully fruitful year ahead.

So what am I going to give up and what am I going to do more of?

I’m going to give up using Microsoft products. It’s time I gave some of the other software providers a go — I’m a bit tired of constant re-boots, security holes and crashes.

I’m going to reduce the amount of miles I do and do more over the Internet — more Web Ex and Go To Meeting sessions, more webinars … less driving, less airmiles better qualified opportunities.

I’m going to use my landline less and use skype instead. I have a good broadband connection, it’s free and also offers video and desktop sharing capabilities. I’d be silly not to!

I’m going to stop buying servers and hire more capacity on the cloud. Why worry about the maintenance of a rack of servers when I can get someone else to do it at a fraction of the cost?

I’m going to watch less telly and spend more time social networking — face booking, tweeting, linked-in — catch up with old friends and make some new business connections.

I’m going to stop buying newspapers and books. I’ll start reading them on-line via my iPad and laptop. I’ll buy a kindle and see if I can still read the screen in the blazing sun on the beach.

I’m going to stop buying CD’s and download all my music from the Internet. I’ve no more room to store CDs so I might as well store them on my iPhone or laptop.

I’m going to eat less, drink less and sleep more.

Every year I try to make a new set of resolutions that I fail to follow through by the end of the year — sometimes the end of the first week of January to be honest.

This time I’m confident that all but my last one is more than achievable!

Happy 2011!

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