More Inspiration, Less Perspiration

Thursday 6 March 2014

Have you ever worked with someone who is always at their desk before you arrive and there after you’ve left to go home but never seems to get anything done?

First check to see if they have a pulse – perhaps put a mirror under their nose to check for breathing and then if you detect something, have a quiet word with HR, they might need some help…

Conversely, do you work with someone who always arrives after you, leaves before you pack up to sign off for the night, but always seems to get their work done and to a really good quality?

Firstly check that they are not delegating all of their work out to other people or alternatively see if you can find out what their magic secret is…

I had a boss a good few years ago that was very much a 9 to 5 kind of guy… but he was good. Produced good work, ran the team really well, great communicator, decisive yet thoughtful.
He was also a strong advocate of taking your lunch and having regular breakouts to spend time reading, researching and most importantly thinking.

I learnt some important lessons from him…

“It’s more about inspiration and less about perspiration”

“Think, plan, deliver…”

Now obviously many years have passed and I’ve found myself working through the night and also had opportunities to swan in and out of the office and do less than my full daily quota of hours….

To me it all evens itself out in the end providing the work you do is of a high quality and you don’t miss deadlines.


In IT there are loads of things that are available that allow you to do things smarter and perspire less.

…things that allow you to be more creative and inspirational.

…things that take the slog out of tedious, time consuming processes.

…things that get you there quicker and without the headache.

Let’s face it we all want to make our lives easier and no one without a monster of a wife or partner to go home to, wants to work 24*7…

In our company we value innovation highly and are always looking at ways of making things easier for people.
Our CXAIR product which is all about “smart data discovery” through our Search Powered Business Analytics tool helps you do just that.

We use it ourselves and we are usually able to turn the lights off in the office before the evening news is on…
Not quite 5.30 but not bad!

Check the rest of the website for more details and see if we can help you knock off from work early!

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