Hyperbole – better than the Superbowl

Thursday 26 March 2015

Honestly, hyperbole (hy-PUR-b?-lee). No exaggeration. It’s the business. It’s great. It takes things to the next level. It’s better than sliced bread. It’s the next big thing… yeah right… talk to the hand. This is the world we live in. Exaggeration, over stating capability, over selling, over pricing and under delivering.

Is “Big Data” the be all and end all, or is it just hyperbole?

In the world of IT, “Big Data” is all the marketing teams seem to be talking about. Corn fed propaganda, hyperbole. Enough to make your liver swell and turn you yellow.

“Big Data” is a buzz word (buzz phrase?) that is designed to make people feel like they’re missing out – but remember, size isn’t everything!

In memory of the classic Bulls Eye program on ITV, ignoring “Big Data” is supposedly let’s have a look at what you could have won. If only you had taken notice of all of the streams of extra nonsense that is flooding through your firewall… you’d have won a jet ski! Or more likely, a toaster…

Most companies don’t need to worry about churning through “Big Data”. Companies need to worry about what data out of the tsunami of bits and bytes are relevant to the business. What data can be used to improve performance, improve customer care, generate new leads, etc.

And yet we are being led to believe that we need to capture everything!

From a personnel perspective, when I was starting off as a young adult and renting my first house, if there was a free TV, a set of curtains or a fridge going on the cheap, I was there at the front of the queue. Stockpiling what I could, sometime ending up with too many things, too many tables, chairs or beds for my one bedroom penthouse.

Later, I decluttered. I became more minimalist. Removing duplicates, only keeping things that were relevant to me.

The world of “Big Data” makes me think that collecting and storing everything is going to make things a lot harder for you. I don’t think it’s about scale, it’s about relevance. Making sense of information is far more useful than throwing a blanket over it all.

A word I keep hearing these days is “smarts”. Do you have the “smarts” to turn millions of records into a concise report?

Whilst I think it’s a bit cheesy, I think “smarts” is a good solution to the “Big Data” problem.

Be smarter… think “cleverer”… choose the right tech and don’t listen to the hyperbole.

As the founder of a “Big Data” software company in Connexica, I oversee the development of some pretty “smart” software. We can store what you want but try to make it easy to cut through the tide of irrelevant data so that you only store stuff that’s useful. We can hold big data because we use search engine technology.

Look at Google! That’s Big Data. Beware the hyperbole and look for the smarts!

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