Harnessing the power of business analytics for infographics

Friday 7 February 2014

I’ve recently fallen for infographics in a big way as I am constantly looking at ways to turn data into information that’s interesting, and it couldn’t be easier with the power of an infographic.

In recent years we have seen many industries using this as a powerful marketing tool to get their message across. With most of us having shorter attention spans or less time to sit down and read articles, bite sized pieces of information are very powerful tools to have. They are more eye-catching than printed words as they usually combine a variety of images, colours, movements and content. They can be used to reinforce brand awareness with the use of company colours, logos and messaging. This is a great way to increase your footprint in your industry.

Infographics are extremely easy to share whether it is on websites, blogs, or the various social media platforms, often allowing you to link people back to your website. Sharing will hopefully result in an increase in website traffic, aiding with Google’s ‘Page Rank’ algorithm which is very important for search engine optimisation. They are a great way to engage with your audience but enhance your presence on the web as many infographics go viral.

Business analytics is all about turning data into meaningful information and this is done through the many visualisation tools within solutions like CXAIR, such as charts, graphs, word clouds, Venn diagrams and maps to name a few. This allows people within the business to easily and quickly gain insight from stats and facts without having to trawl through endless amounts of data.

But this is where the information generally stops. I fully understand that companies hold large amounts of data that can’t be shared with the outside world but companies equally hold vast amounts of data that may interest potential new customers, draw attention to your brand, engage people and start conversations so why not do more with it?

This is where the gap between information generated within analytics and infographics can be bridged by adding the human connection and sharing it with the web. At the end of the day an infographic is a series of stats produced using a visual and eye catching method, what better way to give your audience some great information?!

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