Crossing Blockbuster Cinema with Business Analytics

Tuesday 9 December 2014

Interstellar has been out for a few weeks, so perhaps this blog is about old news. However, from my viewing of it, the intergalactic mind-bender of a movie will probably remain in the memory for years to come. The Nolanification of modern cinema can be traced back to Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of Batman, namely The Dark Knight. If we look at the successful films following the caped crusaders finest hour there is a notable jump in the focus of big cinema – towards the huge visuals, booming soundtracks, and world-encompassing plot lines. And now with Interstellar we’re breaking the dimensional barrier, leaving Earth, and constantly striving for bigger, better, huge cinema, with the soundtrack even more booming, and the visuals even larger.

But Nolanification doesn’t stop at Interstellar or Inception. It has seeped into our everyday life as well.

Television is bigger with Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. Video games are bigger with new consoles and epics like Grand Theft Auto V. Shopping is bigger, the American idea of Black Friday hitting our country by force this weekend, and the Christmas adverts starting earlier than ever before. Data is bigger, with Big Data dominating headlines across the globe, as people step up and start listening to the possibilities and potential the exponential increase of information is creating globally.

So of course, CXAIR is getting bigger as well.

This week we released our new update with Pages, the long awaited big visual analytics package. Our own version of Nolanification, we’ve taken the different disparate aspects of CXAIR and combined them with a free-form publishing package, turning your reports from graphs and tables to a visual representation of your information. You can break pages like with Flow Reports, combine limitless report elements together like with Dashboards, and layer images and content on top of each other like Photoshop. You can combine the endless visual potential of Pages with report scheduling to get a constant company branded website and social media report emailed to your marketing department’s inbox on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. CXAIR was The Dark Knight, and now we’re releasing Interstellar – leaving our ‘planet’ of basic visual reporting and jumping into the next dimension.

Before we were infinitely scalable- now we’re infinitely publishable as well. It might be later than expected, but crossing dimensions is harder than it looks. The question now on everyone’s lips – what next for Christopher Nolan? You can’t get much larger than intergalactic space travel. The same goes for CXAIR – Pages represents the culmination of years of reporting experience, and the creation of our ultimate publishing platform. Where can we go next?

Like Nolan, we know we can still go further. Try Pages out for yourself and watch our demo videos about the new functionality.  Hopefully we’ve done the Nolan and combined mind blowing functionality with incredible visuals. In the meantime, we’ll be working on Interstellar 2.

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