50 Shades of Business Intelligence

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Choosing a big data analytics business partner is much like love. In our endless quest to find the perfect partner it can take more than boasting about sub-second response times and big data analytics – especially with bigger, richer competition waiting in the wings to sweep down on our prospective relationship with their flash cars and global user base. Yet our partnerships have been our most successful business ventures. There is something about the youthful Brits from Stafford and their innovative take on the dating (procurement) process… so here is a piece taking us from that first date to our new potentially prosperous relationship!

The First Date

You found us on match.com, a young professional with a decent car and an interest in software. Maybe you’ve been let down by the Qliks of this world playing the field and not giving you enough attention, maybe this is your first foray into the dating world, or maybe there’s just a charm about our profile. You saw our photos, share our interests, and maybe want to make that first contact! A cheeky email later and we’re coming down to you to show you what we’ve got. One demo and you’re hooked – despite the sugar daddy being appealing possibly there’s something there in the unassuming lad from Staffordshire…

The Drive Home

You come back home and try putting a sample index into our software. You can’t believe how well it fits! Sub-second response times over the raw data sets, and no need for trained analysts to accompany the demonstration. It’s love at first sight – there’s been no alternative that’s infinitely scalable and bolts on to the products you already sell. We’re not texting our mates, we’re not talking to other partners whilst dating you. Turns out we have a lot more in common than the cool kids who barely have time to pick up the phone…

The Second Date

Bill Gates said, “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” Considering his business partnerships with Microsoft and co-founder Paul Allen, his personal and professional partnership with Melinda, it turns out two is always better than one. You agree, and as a result it’s moving from flirting to something more serious, and as we get down on one knee you find it hard to say no.

The Engagement

We sort out the engagement and bring the paperwork to our next meeting. The networking has been productive and you want to become a member of the business family. The feeling and benefit is mutual – we train you in our ways and you get a unique opportunity to apply your expertise to our versatile software solution. We both have the innovative approach to solving our challenges and have created a partnership beneficial for all. We complement one another where it’s due – we make your sandwiches and iron your clothes, you go to work fresh and prepared to keep our household income increasing. What started as a mild flirtation has become a full blown lifestyle change! You try a trial period reselling the software culminating in the big build up to the wedding between your infrastructure and our software development team, and look to the positive future.

The Point

Whether you’ve had a romantic Valentine’s Day with your partner or spent the night alone with a beer and a movie, there’s an allegory to be made with the potential partnerships can have. With a partner you’re more open to travelling, have more excuses to eat out, can do things reserved only for those in a couple. Two remains better than one, and a flirtation with someone you wouldn’t normally expect to find something in common with might surprise you and change your dating strategy. With over 50% of people in the United Kingdom single as of 2014 there’s a huge gap in the market for potential partnerships. Even if Valentine’s Day was unsuccessful there’s always the other 50% who found it just as lonely! And once we’re going steady you’ll start to understand a bit more about what we do…

Our Solution

CXAIR is a search-based business analytics solution designed to quickly and easily turn data contained in disparate systems across the organisation into actionable information from within a single application. By using CXAIR, users at any level of an organisation will gain immediate insight within their function or business area and be able to make informed decisions and take action to improve both the quality and performance of the services being provided.

In a dynamic health environment with many challenges and new requirements, CXAIR has been proven to help organisations in many sectors including the NHS deliver improved services quickly, easily and at a reduced cost compared to other analytics solutions. In addition, ad hoc analysis requirements can be supported and quickly delivered alongside standardised reporting without requiring additional resource or diverting existing resource from value added analytics to support these requests.

CXAIR is designed to ensure that everyone is able to securely access information relevant to their role; delivered in a self-service format that works for them – including many advanced visualisation capabilities such as interactive Venn diagrams and geographical analytics using the familiar Google Maps interface.

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