5 Reasons Why YOU Should Use Infographics

Thursday 16 July 2015
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Here at Connexica we often say infographics are the best way of displaying data in the modern era. But is there any particular reason why visual representations of facts are better than cold, hard bullet points?

Ironically, here are some cold, hard bullet points explaining why infographics are better!

  • Easy to understand

A famous study suggested visual directions are 323% (oddly specific) more effective than ones without. The age old saying – a picture says a thousand words! So why not use several, you’ll save yourself some paragraphs…

  • Concise yet complete

To extend the above point – if a picture says a thousand words, then there is a lot less reading to be done. Conveying information through visual infographics is far more efficient than through lengthy technical reports.

  • Keeps the reader interested

We’ve all spent hours scrolling past articles whilst barely digesting the content. Colours increase willingness to read by 80%, and can help keep your audience/colleagues/mother-in-law engaged past the first few words!

  • Shows off your skills

Modern infographic creators make you look like a graphic designer despite barely being able to use Microsoft Paint. Show off to your less enlightened colleagues through impressive visual displays that make you look like you’re the Rembrandt of reporting

  • Fun yet functional

It’s just more fun to do things with pictures. The workplace is for work, but why not kill two birds with one stone? Say no to the pie chart, say yes to the picture chart!

Hospital infographic

Make your monthly report visual as well as functional

So there we go. Convinced or not? Infographics are the future, not just because they’re modern and fun, but because they increase efficiency whilst saving time in report development! No brainer? I think so…

CXAIR Infographics

In CXAIR we have supplemented the standard report creation process with modern Infographic reporting (as shown by the example above).

  • Real-Time Reporting

CXAIR Infographics allow business users to create highly-visual reports through a versatile drag-and-drop interface. Infographics combine charts, tables, images, HTML content and videos to create dynamic animated reports with minimal effort.

  • Multi-Device Support

Our Infographics scale to any device size and can be viewed across laptops, computers, tablets and mobiles through the web-based ‘Viewer’ interface. Because both CXAIR and Infographics are browser based you can create, view and share reports from your mobile phone, tablet device or desktop computer.

  • Sharable Across the Organisation

Report delivery can be fully automated via schedules that are sent to individuals or groups in your organisation at any chosen predefined interval. Alerts can be configured to notify users when key performance indicators change beyond user-defined thresholds – through email or CXAIR.

Our highly visual data publishing package is unmatched in coupling versatility with ease of use.

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