Design and distribute bespoke data capture forms to a pre-selected list of recipients for completion using a device of their choice.

Comprehensive Data Capture

Quickly and easily create data capture forms suitable for any occasion.

Easy to Build

A user friendly interface that enables non-technical users to create sophisticated forms via a ‘point-and-click’ ‘drag-and-drop’ interface.

Create Your Own Styles

Customise the forms that you build to create a style that is right for you.

Manage Campaigns

Build campaigns to automatically distribute specific forms that you have created to particular groups of recipients according to a defined schedule, then proactively manage those campaigns to track responses, send follow-ups, and issue reminders.

Choice of Distribution Methods

Distribute your forms either by sending the recipients a link, or email them the form as an attachment.

Fully Integrated

Fully integrated with the Connexica CXAIR data management and analytics platform, data collected via a form can be automatically integrated with other data sets you are managing and made available in real-time for inclusion in reports and dashboards.

No Limits

You can create as many forms and build as many campaigns as you need – with CXFORMS there are no limits!

Used by the NHS, local government, and numerous private businesses, CXFORMS is helping all kinds of organisations streamline their data collection and automate the process of reporting on captured data

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