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CXAIR New Features

This course is designed to give users an understanding of how to use CXAIR’s new features; CXFORMS and Bayesian Networks.

Duration: 1day

Who Should Attend?

IT Professionals, Analysts and Business Users who have prior experience in developing reports and dashboards in CXAIR who wish to extend their knowledge by learning advanced techniques and features.


Upon completion of this course, attendees will be able to:


  • Core Concepts
  • Settings
  • Templates
  • Distribution Lists

Form Creation

  • Projects
  • Form Design
  • Field Data Types and Options
  • CSS editor
  • Importing and Exporting

Form Submission

  • Publishing forms via Distribution List and URL
  • Form Submission
  • Annotating a Submission


  • Viewing the Data Within CXAIR
  • Create Reports Based on the Index

Bayesian Networks

  • Background Information
  • Data Preparation

Model Creation

  • Classifier and Selected Fields
  • Algorithm Settings
  • Markov Blankets
  • Field Options
  • Conditional Formatting

Model Views

  • Model
  • Summary
  • Tile View
  • Visualisations

Data Mapping

  • Mapping the Model to Further Data
  • Using this Mapping to Predict and Interpret the Data