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The NHS is under significant pressure following recent structural reform and legislative changes made by recent governments. Spending cuts have meant that the NHS has been challenged to find new and innovative ways to decrease their annual spend – whilst also increasing the efficiency and quality of the clinical services offered.

CXAIR for Healthcare is a specifically designed solution to solve the issues of the NHS of today, whilst staying flexible and agile to adapt to future challenges.

Integrating the vast amount of diverse data within the NHS has typically been an issue in the past. This has left data siloed, providing an unclear picture of patient health and the journey from diagnosis to discharge. To solve this issue, CXAIR for Healthcare utilises innovative search engine technology, enabling fast integration of any data source.

Report creation is incredibly intuitive - requiring little training to become a competent user. By combining a drag & drop, point & click interface with a natural language search interface (similar to using Google) the solution has been built in mind for those users without the technical skills of most in the IT department. The goal? Making reporting and advanced analytics accessible to a wider range of potential users, whilst freeing up time for the overloaded IT department to concentrate on system administration and development.

Our team of healthcare experts have many years of experience within the NHS enhancing the patient experience through data analytics. Our vision is to solve the challenges facing the NHS today through the better use of analytics.

Key benefits

  • Unify previously siloed data
  • Track journey from diagnosis to discharge
  • Create reports without technical knowledge
  • Protect data security with built-in pseudonymisation
  • Increase ROI with rapid implementation
  • Save time and resources with intuitive ad-hoc reporting
  • Rely upon our proven NHS experience


"CXAIR has enabled us to accelerate our reporting capabilities well beyond our expectation and delivered enhanced value to the NHS."

Jackie Shears, Head of NHS Pathways, NHS Digital

"Absolutely recommend it. I thought I was only using 10% of the tool but even with the 10% it has made my life 100% better."

Jenny Radder, Workforce Management Director, Sykes Assistant Services

"Our experience has been very good and we think we’ve only really scratched the surface of what we are going to get from CXAIR."

Emmanuel Le Goff, Operations Director, Shropdoc

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CXAIR for...


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Better Quality Healthcare

Acute Health care icon
Clear Picture of Hospital Performance

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Expert-Level Services

Mental Health

Mental Health icon
Improve Service User Care and Safety

Mental Health icon
Increase Financial Performance

Mental Health icon
Enhance Performance and Service Quality


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Understand Patient Journey

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Satisfy Statutory Submission Requirements

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Integrate Data From Any PAS System

Primary Care

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Gain Insight on Corporate Performance

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Improve Care and Outcomes

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Benchmark Against Assurance Framework


CXAIR Overview

Discover how the technology behind the solution contributes to the 3 core principles: speed, flexibility and usability.


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