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The Kent Intelligence Network required a flexible tool that had both strict information governance controls, data matching capability and reporting for outcomes. We are pleased and excited with the resulting solution and other members of the network have begun to use CXAIR for their other internal projects. Kent County Council logo Paul Rock
Counter Fraud Manager
The Kent Intelligence Network (KIN)
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CXFIRE (the Connexica Fraud Investigation & Reporting Engine) is a packaged solution designed to enable local authorities and partner organisations to identify specific cases of fraud through discrepancies found in multiple joined-up data sets.

The unique search technology underpinning the solution empowers local authorities and partner organisations to leverage the wealth of data available by integrating disparate data sources into a single searchable solution. Complex matching algorithms are processed against the unified data to identify potential cases of fraud for investigation. This is combined with leading-edge security controls to ensure data integrity is never breached.

The solution and overall training package is designed to enable users to create their own matches and reports following initial implementation to extend the core solution based on their specific requirements.


What are the key Benefits?

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Identify Cases of Fraud in Data

Discover potential cases of fraud in previously inaccessible data streams. Act on findings to free up funding for legitimate claimants and essential public services.

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Integrated Outcome Reporting

Use the integrated reporting on outcomes of matching campaigns, including built-in functionality for tracking savings made to quickly and effectively assign actions.

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Improved Data Quality

Identify data quality issues in joined up data and improve data consistency across the organisation or partnership.

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Significant Cost Savings

Early adopter Kent County Council have forecast cost savings of over £4million in the first five years of operation.

Identifying Potential Fraud – How it works

CXFIRE uses smart matching algorithms to join data together from multiple source organisations and systems. This is then analysed for discrepancies using built-in calculations and visualisations. Reports are created from these matches and distributed to fraud teams across the local authority or partnership for investigation.

The solution also includes the ability to record the disposition of the match following review by the investigator. Examples include if the match was verified to be fraud, what action was taken as a result of the match, how much money was saved as a result of an intervention which proved to be fraudulent, was the match a data quality issue, etc.

The solution is highly flexible and can evolve and expand following initial install through the inclusion of additional data sources, extension of the solution to include additional partner organisations, development of additional or bespoke matching algorithms and utilisation of the extensive built-in analytics functionality.

The solution can be deployed either on-premise or in a secure Cloud environment.

CXFIRE enables counter-fraud teams to:

"Through our experience in counter-fraud, combined with the benefits of using the [CXFIRE] solution, we are confident we will meet our projected savings goal of £4million"
Paul Rock, Counter Fraud Manager, Kent County Council


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