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Deliver insights in an easy-to-understand, visually appealing manner

When it comes to data and analytics, knowing what you want and delivering on those requirements can be two very different things. The ability to turn what can be complex and disparate data sets, often with quality issues, into a consistent, comprehensive, high-quality single data source that is a robust foundation for your analytics can be a daunting task that may be beyond the capabilities of your internal resources.

Similarly, the effective presentation of data to your business users via reports, analyses, and dashboards that not only deliver the necessary insights but renders them in an easy-to-understand, visually appealing manner is a challenge that should not be underestimated.

To ensure that your analytics spend is optimised in a way that delivers you the best return on your investment you need to ensure that this work is completed by people who know what they are doing. The Connexica Delivery team have decades of experience in designing and delivering data structures and reporting outputs which provide the business with the information that it needs in a clear and well structured way.

Whether you are looking to out-source the entire job of building your data management and analytics platform, or you are looking for some input during the initial stages of an implementation to ensure you start down the right path, or just want some ad-hoc help to supplement the efforts of your in-house team when internal resources are stretched, the Connexica Content Build Service can help:

  • New install implementation / enablement support
  • Data management and design
  • Report / dashboard design
  • Report / dashboard development
  • Report performance optimization
  • Project management
  • Advice and guidance: getting the most out of CXAIR

Benefits of using our Content Build Service

  • An image describing the plug and play nature of CXAIRSupplement existing teams with Connexica expertise to work around skills gaps or resourcing issues.
  • An image of a stopwatchOur expert consultants can deliver quality work at speed to achieve results quickly.
  • An image of a light bulbTake advantage of the knowledge our team have and fine tune performance to optimize your data processes and visualisations.
  • An image of a gauge chartLet us give your project the kick start it need to start getting results quickly.

The Connexica Content Build Service can either be used to provide ad-hoc build support, or it can be used alongside other Connexica services.

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