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Big Data Analytics in Children and Young People’s Health Services

Monday 8 June 2015

The Challenge

The release of the Children and Young People’s Health Services (CYPHS) data set brings a number of challenges to health organisations. This release introduces new data items and values, alongside renaming of current data items and removal of obsolete data – a major challenge given the short timescale for mandatory submission.

As well as the new changes to the CYPHS, standard validation, data quality, and data entry into PAS goes alongside the successful submission of the new data items. On top of this, the data has to be submitted in XML format!

All in all – a lot of work for the various trusts in the industry. And different for each one due to different systems, staff and protocols.

With the September 1st deadline for a compatible extract looming it’s going to take a lot of resources in already overworked IT departments. CYPHS providers MUST begin submitting CYPHS data in accordance with the new information standard from the 1st October.

Panic stations?

It doesn’t have to be, thanks to “Big Data” analytics and the growing need for healthcare organisations to modernise their analytics software platform.

The Solution

CXAIR uses a ‘Google’ style search technology which indexes data sources from across the many systems in Acute, Mental Health and Community Trusts (the CYPHS data extract being a prime example), bringing it into one searchable place.

Moreover, the extraction and data validation process is automated after initial setup. Data validation and derivation rules are applied to analyse data quality and completeness. Data Quality reports identify and locate specific data quality issues. Reports are fully automated and provide alerts when locally defined data quality thresholds are breached providing authorised users the time to address and improve data quality.

Data captured in CXAIR can then be exported in XML which supports the mandatory submission requirements.


The main benefits of using the CXAIR platform are:

Connexica, the providers of CXAIR, can look at current data sets to prepare a solution for CYPHS. What is normally a stressful and difficult process taking up time and money can be turned into a swift and painless process through “Big Data” analytics.

To arrange a personal demo and find out how quickly we can revolutionise your data extraction and analytics please contact our sales representatives at

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