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GDPR Wheel on what CXAIR can do for GDPR

GDPR Data Discovery and Management

Discover, catalogue and organise all of your data sets

A shape of a human with three horizontal linesManage your data assets
A stack on folders with a label on the bottom right of the front folderCreate comprehensive data inventory
A shape of a gavel in orangeMaintain ongoing compliance
A Diagram to show how CXAIR will help with GDPR complience

GDPR Data Discovery and Management (DDAM) is a multi-phase solution focused on helping organisations attain and maintain GDPR compliance. DDAM provides a ‘digital clipboard’ that brings all organisational data into a single data inventory. This inventory generates recommendations from the data and metadata that helps users’ direct compliance activities.

Once the audit process has been completed and the organisation’s data is compliant, the inventory continues to refresh and stay up-to-date. This provides a central ‘living’ information management platform that helps maintain ongoing compliance, and provides additional value to help users respond to data subject rights and manage data breaches in an efficient and automated manner.


Structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in one place

Living Data Inventory

Use CXAIR’s proprietary ‘indexing’ capability to create a central version of all organisational data – structured (e.g. databases), semi-structured (e.g. emails) and unstructured (e.g. file systems).

Three pices of data and two are ticked and one is not

GDPR Metadata Tagging

Tag data as it is loaded into the system with GDPR related metadata tags, including data owner, data location and data processes.

A orange and blue looking glass

Personal and Sensitive Data Discovery

Use smart rules to automatically identify what types and how much data is held where, including personal data, sensitive data and children’s data.

A blue calendar with one squared coloured red

Automated Data Retention

Flag up data that is out of date and alert individuals when data needs to be deleted, obfuscated or archived.

A gauge with red amber and green sections

Ongoing Data Audit

Generate a list of recommended actions to take on your data to become GDPR compliant, and visualise the process with the GDPR Health Check Dashboard.

A Ticklist with three items in it

Organisational Compliance Checklist

Walk through the GDPR legislation with the compliance checklist, creating a central resource library for policies, processes and procedures.

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