Top 10 ‘Data’ Gadgets

Being a technology company we are constantly on the lookout for the next big Tech trends and inventions.

Seeing is Believing

Isn’t that so true!!!!
When a developer says to me something’s fixed, I don’t believe them. It’s an easy way of buying time, starting the con, sourcing the wool to pull over my suspicious eyes…

Why should a B2B Tech company be jumping on the Twitter bandwagon?

It will probably come as no surprise that the most followed twitter accounts in the world belong to Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and perhaps more reassuringly, Barack Obama..

Why Analytics should be a priority for the Health and Social Care sector

Here at Connexica we are currently focusing on how individual healthcare organisations can make use of analytic solutions for their own data which does not necessarily fall into the category of ‘Big Data’ but is just as important.

The changing face of manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is constantly facing competition not only on a national level but also internationally, with many customers choosing to either have products made abroad or importing products from other countries. For many manufacturers, dropping the quality of a product is out of the question and as a nation of historically recognised manufacturers how is it possible to compete with other markets yet still produce the same great quality products, build on a brand, increase footprint and maintain a positive reputation?

Socially Challenged

Did you know that one of the most influential people alive today is Justin Bieber?
According to Klout he has a popularity score of 95 out of 100.

Happy St. George’s Day

Well that time of year is upon us again and I’m sure anybody reading this who is from the U.K is aware today is St. Georges Day, the day we celebrate the patron saint of England and all the great things about country!

Less Data > Big Data?

Big Data, Big Data, Big Data etc… We hear it all the time. There are more and more analysts talking about it, more and more conferences debating it…

Why Big Data is good for our health, literally..

We’ve ALL heard the phrase Big Data being thrown around in the past few years (if you haven’t, I’m assuming you’ve been on a desert island) but it could be argued that Big Data is merely a buzzword that is pushed onto businesses and actually has little relevance to most of the SME’s who make up our economy here in the U.K and around the world.

Budget 2014, what does it mean for the I.T industry?

So, that time has come around again here in the U.K, when our Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivers the nation’s budget for the next year…