Less Data > Big Data?

Big Data, Big Data, Big Data etc… We hear it all the time. There are more and more analysts talking about it, more and more conferences debating it…

Why Big Data is good for our health, literally..

We’ve ALL heard the phrase Big Data being thrown around in the past few years (if you haven’t, I’m assuming you’ve been on a desert island) but it could be argued that Big Data is merely a buzzword that is pushed onto businesses and actually has little relevance to most of the SME’s who make up our economy here in the U.K and around the world.

Budget 2014, what does it mean for the I.T industry?

So, that time has come around again here in the U.K, when our Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivers the nation’s budget for the next year…

Contemplating life without the internet..

This week marks the 25th anniversary of what could be described as one of the most influential and life changing inventions ever created, the internet.

More inspiration, less perspiration

Have you ever worked with someone who is always at their desk before you arrive and there after you’ve left to go home but never seems to get anything done?

CXAIR Facts and Stats!

After our last infographic blog regarding Connexica, we thought why not show some interesting stats and facts about our favourite thing – our Business Analytics solution CXAIR! Enjoy..

Who are Connexica?!

There have been a significant amount of changes recently here at Connexica as we have rebranded our corporate and product logos and are on the way to creating a fresh new website!

2014 – The year of marketing analytics!

As a member of the marketing team at a company who have developed an analytics solution I am well aware of the benefits analytics can bring to marketing departments, but before working at Connexica I had little or no knowledge of the subject, and it could be suggested that many other marketers are in the same boat.

Are marketers are aware of the full benefits that these types of solutions can offer to their department?! Business Intelligence and Analytics software are used frequently in finance and operations departments but marketing teams may have been getting left on the backburner.

Harnessing the power of business analytics for infographics

I’ve recently fallen for infographics in a big way as I am constantly looking at ways to turn data into information that’s interesting, and it couldn’t be easier with the power of an infographic.

In recent years we have seen many industries using this as a powerful marketing tool to get their message across. With most of us having shorter attention spans or less time to sit down and read articles, bite sized pieces of information are very powerful tools to have. They are more eye-catching than printed words as they usually combine a variety of images, colours, movements and content. They can be used to reinforce brand awareness with the use of company colours, logos and messaging. This is a great way to increase your footprint in your industry.

The rise of customer reviews and the benefits they provide

I’m going to take a guess that everybody reading this blog has been on trip advisor or another consumer review website at some point in their lives and if you haven’t, it would seem you are in the minority.

The Tripadvisor site features more than 125 million reviews from travellers around the world and more than 80 new contributions are posted every minute, this is one of many examples of the big data explosion and how consumers and businesses are creating increasing amounts of data every day.