What are the best Easter egg deals? Cracking the cost of curvy chocolate with CXAIR

Posted on 31st March 2015 by Chris Lewis

Eggcellent value or hard-boiled baloney? Easter is here! The roads are clear in the mornings, the kids are at home causing a racket, and most importantly everybody’s favourite festive sweet is on the shelves. Easter brings us chocolate by the kilo, and it can be overwhelming trying to find the best Easter egg deals with… Read more »

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Hyperbole – better than the Superbowl

Posted on 26th March 2015 by Richard Lewis

Honestly, hyperbole (hy-PUR-bə-lee). No exaggeration. It’s the business. It’s great. It takes things to the next level. It’s better than sliced bread. It’s the next big thing… yeah right… talk to the hand. This is the world we live in. Exaggeration, over stating capability, over selling, over pricing and under delivering. Is “Big Data” the… Read more »

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Search-powered business analytics – what is it?

Posted on 23rd March 2015 by Ben Edge

    Business analytics and business intelligence – both are terms that have previously been coined by someone, somewhere, at some time. According to Gartner’s IT glossary, business analytics is: “comprised of solutions used to build analysis models and simulations to create scenarios, understand realities and predict future states. Business analytics includes data mining, predictive… Read more »

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Elementary, Dr Watson…

Posted on 12th March 2015 by Richard Lewis

I was intrigued (for about five minutes) today when I was sent a link to a new IBM Watson demo http://watson-um-demo.mybluemix.net/ The site allows you to enter some of your prose, fiction or non-fiction, and then analyses it to determine the characteristics of the author and the sentiment of the article. The example had a… Read more »

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Big Data Analytics – Using the Right Chart

Posted on 2nd March 2015 by Emma Ordidge

We are constantly reminding users of CXAIR of the vast amount of different chart types available to them. However, it leads us to question, do we always know which chart type will best display our findings? After mulling it over, we decided to put together a fact sheet including all the information we think you… Read more »

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LinkedIn or Left Out?

Posted on 26th February 2015 by Chris Lewis

LinkedIn or Left Out? Do our ‘influencers’ really have that much to say? It seems that despite being populated by the most successful entrepreneurs you can find today and perhaps the greatest businesspeople of our time, Pulse remains to be as clickbait focused and swingy as any other generic online blog. The main difference in… Read more »

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Big Data, Small Ideas, and the word ‘Gargantuan’

Posted on 19th February 2015 by Richard Lewis

Are you getting tired of people talking about big data yet? I am. Who coined the term “big data” in the first place anyway? I started to research this and thought… “Why should I continue to search for someone who decided to describe large amounts of data as big?”, and stopped looking. Surely if you… Read more »

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50 Shades of Business Intelligence

Posted on 17th February 2015 by Chris Lewis

Choosing a big data analytics business partner is much like love. In our endless quest to find the perfect partner it can take more than boasting about sub-second response times and big data analytics – especially with bigger, richer competition waiting in the wings to sweep down on our prospective relationship with their flash cars… Read more »

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Selected CXAIR Case Studies

Posted on 3rd February 2015 by Chris Lewis

Selected CXAIR Case Studies from us and our Partners We know the best way to demonstrate the benefits of CXAIR is through customer testimonials and independent case studies. Here is a short post exploring the different industries CXAIR has been used in, and the case studies that have been produced as a result. Total Intelligence… Read more »

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5 Misconceptions about Search-Based Business Analytics

Posted on 28th January 2015 by Chris Lewis

5 Misconceptions about Search-Based Business Analytics Innovation can always come with a price, and being positioned so differently to other business analytics solutions search-based business analytics solutions can fail to pass the initial ‘looks like what we know’ test. Search-based business analytics solutions are revolutionary in the way they handle data sources with the objective… Read more »

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Big Data Analytics in Healthcare – Opportunity Cost or Opportunity Lost

Posted on 22nd January 2015 by Chris Lewis

  Big data analytics in 2015 has been repeatedly stated to be central to the direction of healthcare. However, trusts and heads of procurement see risk in trusting large amounts of money to be invested in big data solutions, making the process of acquiring a big data analytics solution arduous and difficult. Risk Stratification (in… Read more »

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Top 10 Business Intelligence Trends 2015

Posted on 15th January 2015 by Ben Edge

  2014 was another excellent year for business intelligence with further growth posted and continuing the seemingly constant cycle of growth that has been the hallmark of the BI industry over the last decade. An after-effect of this substantial growth is the constant evolution and change that takes place within the industry. Being the helpful… Read more »

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2015 Healthcare Analytics Predictions

Posted on 12th January 2015 by Chris Lewis

The New Year is well and truly underway, and with the NHS in crisis there are a number of contributing factors to the growth and increased importance of healthcare analytics. Here are some of our predictions, alongside those of industry experts: Self Service The main focus from an analytic perspective will be to improve operational… Read more »

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Connexica Careers – Client & Partner Account Manager

Posted on 6th January 2015 by Chris Lewis

We are a Staffordshire based IT software company specialising in analytics and business intelligence solutions. Due to exceptional growth over the past 18 months, we require a dedicated and talented Account Manager to help support our growing customer and partner base. The Account Manager role will focus heavily on relationship building and management, whilst ensuring… Read more »

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Top 10 Technology Trends for 2015

Posted on 23rd December 2014 by Emma Ordidge

As a technology company we like to keep ourselves up to date with all the latest industry trends and as we enter 2015 Gartner have released a list of what they believe are the Top 10 strategic technology trends for this coming year. For 2015 these trends cover three emerging themes: the merging of virtual… Read more »

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2014 Healthcare Analytics Review

Posted on 22nd December 2014 by Chris Lewis

‘Fragmented, rudimentary and not yet fit for purpose’ Procurement in the healthcare analytics industry has always been a challenge. Most NHS trusts are persisting with their legacy systems due to the number of risk factors associated with upgrading and updating their systems. However, this fear of change and assumption that tried and tested is the… Read more »

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What Happened to our Digital Rights?

Posted on 17th December 2014 by Chris Lewis

The so-called ‘Black Friday’ sales seemed to have the desired effect on my family and friends. Between colleagues doing their entire Christmas shopping before it’s even December and family going from no XBOX ONE for the next 2 years to XBOX ONE with 6 games and all the mod cons. I can’t really complain about… Read more »

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Crossing Blockbuster Cinema with Business Analytics

Posted on 9th December 2014 by Chris Lewis

Interstellar has been out for a few weeks, so perhaps this blog is about old news. However, from my viewing of it, the intergalactic mind-bender of a movie will probably remain in the memory for years to come. The Nolanification of modern cinema can be traced back to Christopher Nolan’s interpretation of Batman, namely The… Read more »

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Big Data Buzz or Big Data Fuzz?

Posted on 8th December 2014 by Ben Edge

The buzzword Big Data has gathered an increasing amount of momentum over the last few years. In fact the number of organisations who have implemented a big data or data discovery solution has increased from 58% to 73% over the last two years. More and more organisations have innovated to include a big data offering… Read more »

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Corporate Depersonalisation or How I Stopped Worrying and Became a Hipster

Posted on 25th November 2014 by Chris Lewis

It’s a shame that help and support from big businesses remains opaque. From sorting out mobile phone contracts to getting your XBOX fixed the larger the company your dealing with, the less personal the response and generally less helpful the support teams. Logistically it makes sense to have complicated switchboards and outsourced call centres for… Read more »

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Is it truly ‘sense’ to go with the big boys?

Posted on 13th November 2014 by Chris Lewis

It might be a bit rich coming from an up and coming Stafford based business analytics team, but there is a gap in the market becoming apparent as Qlik unveil and update their new visual analytics package Qliksense. Like Tableau and other solutions, Qlik are making their data analytics package more visual, easy to manipulate… Read more »

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Guest Blog – Philip Howard of the Bloor Group

Posted on 10th November 2014 by Emma Ordidge

Recently Connexica welcomed Philip Howard of the Bloor Research Group as a guest speaker at our annual CXAIR Conference, and off the back of this he published a blog post discussing the growth of Connexica and CXAIR in some more detail. See his article below: “Both I and my colleague David Norris have previously written… Read more »

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The Consistency of Inconsistency

Posted on 16th October 2014 by Chris Lewis

Sometimes it boggles the mind what people can submit as finished work. Reddit, a global content aggregation website, has a section for everything. One of the sections, the aptly named ‘CrappyDesign’, showcases thousands of examples of work, logos and advertising slogans that either have not been proof-read, or read by people with no knowledge of… Read more »

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Top 10 ‘Data’ Gadgets

Posted on 1st August 2014 by connexica

Being a technology company we are constantly on the lookout for the next big Tech trends and inventions. Recently I came across a Slideshare by Big Data specialist and author (among other things) Bernard Marr, in which he listed the “21 Coolest ‘Internet of Things’ Gadgets you will want today”, after having a read through… Read more »

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Seeing is Believing

Posted on 11th July 2014 by Chris Lewis

Isn’t that so true!!!!

When a developer says to me something’s fixed, I don’t believe them. It’s an easy way of buying time, starting the con, sourcing the wool to pull over my suspicious eyes…

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Why should a B2B Tech company be jumping on the Twitter bandwagon?

Posted on 4th July 2014 by Emma Ordidge

It will probably come as no surprise that the most followed twitter accounts in the world belong to Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and perhaps more reassuringly, Barack Obama..

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Why Analytics should be a priority for the Health and Social Care sector

Posted on 16th May 2014 by Emma Ordidge

Here at Connexica we are currently focusing on how individual healthcare organisations can make use of analytic solutions for their own data which does not necessarily fall into the category of ‘Big Data’ but is just as important.

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The changing face of manufacturing

Posted on 2nd May 2014 by Jenny Jones

The manufacturing industry is constantly facing competition not only on a national level but also internationally, with many customers choosing to either have products made abroad or importing products from other countries. For many manufacturers, dropping the quality of a product is out of the question and as a nation of historically recognised manufacturers how is it possible to compete with other markets yet still produce the same great quality products, build on a brand, increase footprint and maintain a positive reputation?

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Socially Challenged

Posted on 25th April 2014 by Chris Lewis

Did you know that one of the most influential people alive today is Justin Bieber?

According to Klout he has a popularity score of 95 out of 100.

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Happy St. George’s Day

Posted on 23rd April 2014 by Emma Ordidge

Well that time of year is upon us again and I’m sure anybody reading this who is from the U.K is aware today is St. Georges Day, the day we celebrate the patron saint of England and all the great things about country!

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Less Data > Big Data?

Posted on 1st April 2014 by Chris Lewis

Big Data, Big Data, Big Data etc… We hear it all the time. There are more and more analysts talking about it, more and more conferences debating it…

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Why Big Data is good for our health, literally..

Posted on 27th March 2014 by Emma Ordidge

We’ve ALL heard the phrase Big Data being thrown around in the past few years (if you haven’t, I’m assuming you’ve been on a desert island) but it could be argued that Big Data is merely a buzzword that is pushed onto businesses and actually has little relevance to most of the SME’s who make up our economy here in the U.K and around the world.

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Budget 2014, what does it mean for the I.T industry?

Posted on 21st March 2014 by Emma Ordidge

So, that time has come around again here in the U.K, when our Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne delivers the nation’s budget for the next year…

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Contemplating life without the internet..

Posted on 13th March 2014 by Emma Ordidge

This week marks the 25th anniversary of what could be described as one of the most influential and life changing inventions ever created, the internet.

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More inspiration, less perspiration

Posted on 6th March 2014 by Chris Lewis

Have you ever worked with someone who is always at their desk before you arrive and there after you’ve left to go home but never seems to get anything done?

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CXAIR Facts and Stats!

Posted on 26th February 2014 by Emma Ordidge

After our last infographic blog regarding Connexica, we thought why not show some interesting stats and facts about our favourite thing – our Business Analytics solution CXAIR!

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Who are Connexica?!

Posted on 21st February 2014 by Emma Ordidge

There have been a significant amount of changes recently here at Connexica as we have rebranded our corporate and product logos and are on the way to creating a fresh new website!

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2014 – The year of marketing analytics!

Posted on 14th February 2014 by Emma Ordidge

As a member of the marketing team at a company who have developed an analytics solution I am well aware of the benefits analytics can bring to marketing departments, but before working at Connexica I had little or no knowledge of the subject, and it could be suggested that many other marketers are in the same boat.

Are marketers are aware of the full benefits that these types of solutions can offer to their department?! Business Intelligence and Analytics software are used frequently in finance and operations departments but marketing teams may have been getting left on the backburner.

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Harnessing the power of business analytics for infographics

Posted on 7th February 2014 by Jenny Jones

I’ve recently fallen for infographics in a big way as I am constantly looking at ways to turn data into information that’s interesting, and it couldn’t be easier with the power of an infographic.

In recent years we have seen many industries using this as a powerful marketing tool to get their message across. With most of us having shorter attention spans or less time to sit down and read articles, bite sized pieces of information are very powerful tools to have. They are more eye-catching than printed words as they usually combine a variety of images, colours, movements and content. They can be used to reinforce brand awareness with the use of company colours, logos and messaging. This is a great way to increase your footprint in your industry.

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The rise of customer reviews and the benefits they provide

Posted on 30th January 2014 by Emma Ordidge

I’m going to take a guess that everybody reading this blog has been on trip advisor or another consumer review website at some point in their lives and if you haven’t, it would seem you are in the minority.

The Tripadvisor site features more than 125 million reviews from travellers around the world and more than 80 new contributions are posted every minute, this is one of many examples of the big data explosion and how consumers and businesses are creating increasing amounts of data every day.

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Taking a risk with a career in Business Analytics

Posted on 22nd January 2014 by Emma Ordidge

As someone who works within the Marketing industry and currently studying for a Marketing degree, my main areas of interest include branding, design, content marketing and social media marketing. Similar to my colleague Jenny who wrote the previous blog post, before I started working at Connexica I had never even heard of Business Analytics let alone discussed the difference between a data warehouse and indexes or SQL vs. natural language queries, and wondered was I the only novice?

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From the Outback to Analytics and what 2014 has in store

Posted on 17th January 2014 by Jenny Jones

Next month sees my one year anniversary at Connexica, before starting at Connexica I knew nothing about Business Analytics and literally lived Outback. The word business Analytics hadn’t even crossed my path let alone did I know what Business Analytics was, my life was filled with days out on the range, cooking around a campfire and wearing check shirts, Stetsons and cowboy boots!

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Rick van der Lans’ Evaluation of CXAIR

Posted on 11th December 2013 by Chris Lewis

Rick van der Lans is an independent consultant, speaker and author who specialises in Business Intelligence and data warehousing. He came across CXAIR through our Dutch partners Systemation and wrote a great blog post reflecting his views on the product. So naturally we wanted to share this with you…

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Blogs, Sprogs and Friends

Posted on 6th December 2013 by Chris Lewis

Tweets are now organised around the business, our company’s areas of expertise and aligned with our goals of making a noise, getting noticed and making friends.

Despite the lack of blogs, my interest in social media has never been greater.

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Is Big Data all that?

Posted on 18th June 2013 by Chris Lewis

All of the hype and constant references to big data is great as there is something new to talk about but is it all that?

Sure there is more data. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter create loads of data but so what? I’ve looked at Twitter and tried to make sense of Tweets and work out sentiment and turn 140 characters of Twitter speak into useful, insightful information. Facebook… you’re having a laugh (a sponsored laugh these days).

We all get sucked in by the hype and the rhetoric.

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Boring, Boring, Bored

Posted on 20th December 2012 by Chris Lewis

I’m tired. It’s Friday and I’m ready for the weekend. I click on a link from an email that contains an article I might be interested in. I read the first paragraph and walk around the office for a couple of minutes thinking I’m obviously not in a good place at the moment to appreciate the nuances of the article. I read it again.

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Size isn’t everything

Posted on 16th November 2012 by Chris Lewis

So “Big Data”, what’s it all about?

Is it a PR thing to try to sell services around Hadoop?

Is it to try to get people switched onto social media and make you paranoid about what people may be tweeting or face booking about you, your company or brand.

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Chalk, Cheese and Feature Comparisons

Posted on 26th October 2012 by Chris Lewis

As the creators of CXAIR, a really simple to use business intelligence tool that is built on search technology, we often get asked how we compare to other similar products on the market.

The thing is that all of the concepts and designs are geared around usability, simplicity and speed, not by trying to copy or mimic all of the legacy BI tools that do the “same old thing” in the “same old way” as everything else.

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CRM’s for Sissies?

Posted on 28th September 2012 by Chris Lewis

When I was a humble developer moving my way through the ranks into management, directorship and then ownership of a business my views of building and buying software have changed considerably.

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Technology Is Childs Play

Posted on 16th July 2012 by Chris Lewis

Throughout my career I can remember the many times I have shrugged my shoulders or shook my head in astonishment as a more “experienced” member of the team struggles to come to terms with finding the next and previous buttons on Powerpoint, double clicks frantically when something is slow or seems incapable of getting the

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